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Hillman Horsemanship
Welcomes You!

About Hillman Horsemanship

Here's my story. I grew up on a farm in Western New York where snow was found in abundance! From the time I could walk and talk horses were always on my mind. Since we didn't have horses, I improvised and rode the cows whenever possible. Finally, after years of begging, my parents said I could acquire a horse, but there was a catch, I had to buy it myself.  Long story short, I worked & worked and saved it all. I became a horse owner at the age of 12. My horse, Romeo, was of course the most awesome horse ever, he taught me what it was like to have a best friend. Naturally, we were inseparable.   We worked with the top trainers in our area and went on to showing, winning many classes, in both Western and English. Since Romeo, I have had the privilege to own, show, &  train many horses, manage several horse barns and especially love sharing my knowledge of horses with my students.


Upcoming Events

  • Riding Lessons
    Riding Lessons
    Time is TBD
    Time is TBD
    Bucyrus, 12204 W 207th St, Bucyrus, KS 66013, USA
    Time is TBD
    Bucyrus, 12204 W 207th St, Bucyrus, KS 66013, USA
    Are you interested in riding lessons call, e-mail or text to set up a time. Ages 3 and up. Under 5 years old parent must stay for lesson.

Lessons, Camps, Classes, & Parties

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 Camps, Classes & Clinics

Year Round

We offer camps, classes and clinics year round.

Check out our upcoming events. You can also contact us and we can send you a list of camp, classes, and clinics that are coming up.

Riding Lessons

$45 for a hour lesson

Riding lessons are offered to children 3 years old to adults. Lessons are held during the weekday mornings for homeschoolers & adults, several weeknights, Saturday mornings early afternoon and Sunday afternoon. For children under 5 an adult needs to stay and participate with the lesson.

Horse Parties

Birthday parties start at $295 for up to 10 children and last 2 hours

What better way to celebrate, a birthday or other special occasion, then with horses.   For more information please contact us.

Hillman Horsemanship News


Horse Lessons

Lessons start by retrieving your horse. They may be in their stall or we may have to fetch them in the pasture, which is great because you will acquire the skills needed to catch a horse when it is free. We then brush, clean hoofs, and tack up. There is an outdoor arena where we practice ground work and have fun with obstacles, then on to riding. If the weather is not cooperating we work in the indoor arena. We have lessons rain or shine, hot or cold. We end the lesson with untacking, brush down, check hooves and returning horse to a stall or the pasture.

Why Take Horse Lessons

  • Bonding with An Animal     Horses are social creatures. Communicating and interacting with horses has been shown to have a positive effect on people. Horses make wonderful friends, they listen to you and never judge.

  • Learning About Horses and to Ride Well Takes FOCUS     You must use your brain and body to control and communicate with horses. Being around horses is a great way to have a mental break from worries, such as , school, friends, work, and even family. 

  • RIDING    Riding is sooooo much more than just sitting on a horse. Riding takes strength and endurance. Riding a horse is a full body workout, you have to use a number of different muscles to stay strong in the saddle.

  • The Barn     The barn is a healthy and peaceful atmosphere. It is a place to feel comfortable and supported.     

  • Working With Horses     It is great to master a challenge or learn to new skill which encourages pride in our self.

  • Lessons can Provide Many Benefits     Improved self-esteem, communication skills, happiness, self-control, self-awareness, empowerment, concentration skills and contentment.



We Offer Pasture Board $350/month & Full Care Stall Board $700 month

Hillman Horsemanship has 4 large pastures, 5 extra large paddocks, 5 large paddocks, indoor and outdoor arenas, obstacle course, round pen, heated/cooled lobby with restrooms and tack rooms.  Please call for availability.

Horse Legs

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12204 W 207th St. Bucyrus, KS 66013


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